Sachamanta” tells the story of indigenous small-scale farmers (Campesin@s) in the north of Argentinia in their successful battle for their land against companies like Monsanto & Co. The unusual success has got its reasons. One reason: The Campesin@s build five radio stations in order to acquire communication superiority in a sparsely populated country. You can watch Sachamanta here.

By 2015 two more films emerged from the crowd financed project “Espejo” (“Mirror”): “Tincunacuy” is a short film and tells the story of the return of the movie “Sachamanta” to the place of its action and to the people whose story is told by the movie: the Campesin@s of the region “Monte” in northern Argentinia. The second film that sprang from the Espejo project we gave the name “No Rest. No Haste.” after a phrase, that we constantly ran into while shooting the movie. People told us, their revolution was done without any hurry but also without pausing. They called it a movement sin prisa pero sin pausa. “No Rest. No Haste.” is a full length feature film, which tells you of the current events in the region. Both films are based on a participatory approach. “Tincunacuy” not only tells of the encounter between the Campesin@s with their own film, but also about the transfer of many messages and letters of the German cinema audience of “Sachamanta” to the people of the region. These same letters and questions and notes contained therein formed the basis of the interview guide we gave us for the shooting “No Rest. No Haste.” Both films are now released. “Tincunacuy” you can watch following this Link. Sachamanta you may watch here.

Since 2012 we are also constantly working on a long-term project that is very important to us: “A German Puzzle“. With this film, we try to capture the German reality beyond and aside from national babbling and officially designed identities.

Since 2016/17 we are also working (together with the Seeland Media Cooperative) on the youth film project “Stadt.Land.Mut” and with Maria Kling from Studio Kalliope (Potsdam / Babelsberg) on a participatory film about the islands of the Republic of Kiribas.

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