Sachamanta (Special Mention at the Festival delle Terre) was our first feature film. The film made its debut in the summer of 2012 and is running up until today in some cinemas an at universities and in schools.

Exerpt from the credits of Sachamanta: We thank the working groups “communication”, “land issues” and “legal issues” / In particular we thank Majo Venancio and Virginia Aguilera Grecco from the working group “legal issues” // Thanks to all the people that work to make the radio stations possible (FM Radio del Monte / Quimili, FM radio Sacha Huaira / Tintina,  FM radio Paj Sachama / Las Lomitas, FM radio Inti Manta / Pinto) …among other: Cinthia, Cristina, El Mago, Eloisa, Koki, Leo, LobitoNati, Nicasio, Paisa, Poli, Ricardo, Sergio, Vicki, Walter.

A very warm thank you for the interviews and discussions goes out to Mauro Millán FM Petu Mogeleiñ from Mapuchegemeinde in Neuquen, Southern Argentina

For their support we thank Hannelore Ebert Wetzel, Hardy Krampertz, Kathrin Keusch, Mark Wagner, Chris (Doc) Fischer