Our first feature film “Sachamanta” was shown in cinemas and at events in many countries. This could never been done just by the Kameradists. This was only made possible through the support of hundreds of people around the world. They talked to cinemas in their hometown and they organized public discussions. They translated the film in their own language. They provided translations and revisions for this site. They were blogging about the project, tweeting news on it, kept putting it up on Facebook. They made sure that other people got to know about us and our project.

While “Sachamanta” was to be seen by more and more people, we started our second project under the title “Espejo“. We launched a crowdfunding on Inkubato to finance at least the most pressing parts of the costs. Our budget was at the end still scarce but we felt rich in a completely different way. We were rich by the amazing and heartfelt support of you people out there. Again, hundreds of people had made the new project known to others and they made made sure the donations did not stop before the minimum sum was reached and that before the deadline was over.

In the meantime, we have released three films with your help and we work on many other projects. If you feel like bringing yourself in, then simply write us an email. In general there are three regular work areas where we can always use help.

The first area concerns the communication. The fact that people know at all of our films, has got to do with the fact that people share the information about these films on social networks, on their blogs and in their non digital lifes.

The second area relates to translation. Large parts of this website could use a helping hand.

The third area is probably the most fun. It concerns showing our movies to other people.


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