They do not give way to the waves

Together with Maria Kling from Film Production Kalliope (Potsdam, Babelsberg), we have been working on a new full feature film for cinema since the beginning of 2017: we call it the Kiribati project. It will be (again) a participatory film. We gave ... more

No Rest. No Haste.

Buenos Aires, December 2012. A hot Christmas is only a few days away. Last purchases are made. Shimmering heat is all over the city and above the always bustling traffic. The Federal Parliament makes its final decisions before the holidays. The Police ... more


The north of Argentina in the year 2000: At a congress the peasant and indigenous communities organized within the Movimiento Campesino in Santiago del Estero (MoCaSe-Via Campesina) decided something previously unheard of: They will build and operate their own radio stations. No longer ... more

A German Puzzle

23/03/2013 : Germany is not a country. It is a puzzle of many worlds. Some fight for a base salary. Others fight boredom. Refugees are freezing in Berlin. Around the corner a design award is presented over champagne and caviar. The stocks are falling. Rents ... more

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